1760 Scottsville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104

Charity Night

Please submit at least 4 weeks before your preferred date.


  • Buckhead Café will donate 10% of the receipts that are deposited in the boxes set next to the cash registers at the front counter. Organizers from the charity may be at the restaurant and encourage people to deposit the receipts as long as they are not interfering with the customer experience.
  • Each charity is responsible for promoting the event through social media, contact lists, public address announcements and any other way to get the word out. If you do nothing to promote the event, it won’t be successful for you and it’s not likely that Buckhead will reserve a spot in the future.
  • No charity may reserve more than one night every six months.
  • Charities typically will receive between $75 and $200 depending on how well they promote their event. You will receive your check within a week after your event and you can either pick up your check or it will be mailed to the person at the address listed above.
  • If you want a date other than a Monday, please explain why.
  • You will receive a reply on your request within 7 days.

Thank You.